Jemo House


Jemo House is a children’s home in Maseno, Kenya that was established in 2012.  The home was opened in response to the specific need of 6 children who were suffering due to a lack of reliable shelter, food and clean water.  These children were living together in a local orphanage that was highly exploitive and atrociously mismanaged.  After several unsuccessful attempts to work with local management to improve conditions, the children were relocated to the new home.  We prefer not to use the word ‘orphanage’ because it suggests institutionalized children and a general failure to thrive.

Jemo House provides both a home and family for the children being raised there.  Two caregivers are present on a daily basis and serve as the “House Mamas”.   We strongly believe that the child who is unloved suffers as much as the child who has nothing to eat.  Jemo House provides not only shelter, safety, and nourishment, but also a loving family unit, acceptance, and security.   Since the opening of Jemo House, we have added two more children to our family, bringing us up to 8 full-time kiddos.  All the occupants of Jemo House have come to us as a result of  HIV/AIDS.  Some have been orphaned by it.  Others have been chased out of their former homes or abandoned due to the stigma that surrounds the all-too-common disease.

TLC  supports two other children who live with grandparents.  Our goal is to provide enough for children in need while keeping families together as long as possible.  Our assistance comes mainly in the form of financial aid for things like school fees, books, clothing, and food.