Amazing Kids

We accept donations of all kind.  Big, small, reoccurring, one time.  We’ll even take your jars of old pennies if you mail them to us.  For those of you who like the breakdown of how far your money could go, below are some examples:


Feed a child for a week:  $11.00

Provide a child’s basic needs for a month: $46.00

                                                              (Food, housing, electricity, water, and clothing)

Pay our rent for a  month:  $70.00

Send a child to school for a year:  (elementary-age student)  $165

                                                        (middle School student)$200

 (*school costs include tuition, books, supplies, shoes, uniforms, and a daily meal program)

Too Little Children uses PAYPAL for secure online donations.

To make a one time donation, click the link below to be taken to PAYPAL website.

To set up recurring donations, select the amount you would like to donate then click the Subscribe button.

 If you prefer to send a check, please send checks to:
Too Little Children
1513 Valley Run
Durham, NC 27707