About Us


Jessie (Thomsen) Jeter

Founder and Director of TLC, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Jess started working in Kenya in 2007 as a student nurse.  When she is not in Kenya, she works as a pediatric oncology nurse in North Carolina.  In 2010, Jess spent 6 months living in Kenya to immerse herself in the culture and way of life.  It was during this time she met an amazing group of children and was compelled to start a small children’s home to provide those children with food, shelter, security and a stable, loving home.  The children were relocated from a local orphanage in a neighboring village with corrupt leadership and atrocious conditions.  TLC was created as an overarching organization that addresses the very simple, and yet very complex issue of the child who has too little.

If you would like to follow my online journal and learn more about the amazing journey that has brought me here, check out my blog at jessie-kenya.blogspot.com.   Enjoy!   ~Jessie




Lynet Anyango

Regional Director

Lynet serves as the regional supervisor and oversees the management of the TLC house.  Linnet was born and raised in Kenya, and has spent the last few years in Maseno.  She is a strong, motivated, independent woman who has a heart for the care and development of children.  She spent many years serving in a rural mission hospital before coming to TLC and has an invaluable and extensive knowledge of HIV management and its cultural and social impacts.





Jacklyne OmoroIMG_1475 - Version 2

House Mom

Jacklyne is the mother of two children, and now also serves as a surrogate mother to many other children.  Jacky has been involved with TLC since its creation and is a invaluable asset to the team. She was the initial caregiver for a group of children in a Women and Children’s Home in the neighboring village.  When their living condition became unsafe and unhealthy, Jacky was a pivotal force in relocating the children to Jemo House, where they would be taken care of and loved as part of a family.





Emma Stober

Pad Project Coordinator

Emma serves as the Pad Project Director and is in charge of organizing and running Pad Workshops, sharing information and materials, answering questions about sewing the pads, and collecting and shipping completed pad units.  She has been involved with Too Little Children since its beginning, and has been in charge of the Pad Project since July of 2013.  She and her husband, James, currently live in Japan where he works as a doctor with the Air Force.  She is currently at home raising their 5 year-old son, Asher and 2 year-old daughter, Eden Rose, and running the Pad Project during nap times.  (She and Jess are also identical twins, in case you thought we just used the same girl in both pictures.)

Catherine Shumaker

Project Coordinator

Catherine first traveled to Kenya in 2015 when she accompanied Jessie on a trip to Maseno. It was a powerful and life-changing experience for her as she immediately fell in love with the children and the culture, so much so that she found herself returning to Kenya less than a year later. Catherine now works both with Jemo House and with the Pad Project. As a young girl, Catherine had always dreamed of working with an international children’s home and we are delighted she has decided to officially put her talents to work for our team.

When she is not in Kenya, she works as a pediatric oncology nurse in North Carolina.