• Maseno Minute – Amazon Smile

    Hello, good evening, and welcome back to another edition of the Maseno Minute! From all of us here at TLC, we hope your Monday is off to a good start. Hopefully you’re about to dig into a sausage and kale omelet, humming along to the Bangles’ “Just Another Manic Monday.” Because you know your Monday is about to be maniacally fantastic.

    Today’s Maseno Minute is short and sweet, but it covers important information. Too Little Children has been able to partner with AmazonSmile, a program in which Amazon gives a portion of every purchase you make to TLC. Though TLC only gets .5% of each of these purchases—which may not seem like a lot—these small amounts add up quickly. To put things in perspective, if you spend $100 per month on Amazon, that adds up to $0.50 per month, and $6 per year. $6 per year may not seem like a lot, but if only 300 of the people who like this page were to do this, that adds up to $1,800. And that´s a lot.

    Using AmazonSmile does not cost any more than using normal Amazon. To get started, all you have to do is go to smile.amazon.com, sign in, and pick Too Little Children from the dropdown menu. Then continue shopping for those bulk dried cherries and blue-striped alpaca socks you’ve had your eye on. Next time you place an order, please think of TLC and how many school fees we could pay for with the help of you and your order of gluten-free baking flour.

    From all of us here at TLC, we hope you have a great week, and we hope Just Another Manic Monday isn’t stuck in your head for too long.

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